Today's manufacturing environment places heavy demands on the manufacturing industry. The need for increased productivity, consistent quality and extensive information tracking require the use of microprocessor based control systems. Powerful control systems for your plating, anodizing, etching, and cleaning lines must also offer your operators an easy-to-use interface that provides clear and precise commands and doesn't require a computer programmer to master. 
Line Control
Automatic hoists and manually operated hoists can benefit from efficient software load scheduling.
  • Timeway: The hoists follow a repetitive pattern that sequences parts through the line. 
  • Random Loading: Loads are sequenced through the line contingent on hoist and tank availability. Each new load enters the process only after a clear path through the line has been reserved for it. This allows parts using different or overlapping tank sequences to be run at the same time. Random Loading is excellent for prototyping. 

Transport Systems 

  • Motors: Servo or multiple speed motors as well as variable frequency AC drives 
  • Positioning: Optical encoders & laser distance meters offer high precision; limit switches & proximity switches offer low cost. 
  • Wet and Dry Shuttles 
  • Conveyor Systems 
  • Robot Arm Loading and Unloading 

Process Control 
  • Power Supplies: Amps, Volts & Amp-Minute accumulation with calculations done by computer to relieve the operator burden. 
  • Heaters, Dryers and Coolers 
  • Conductivity, pH and Chemical Auto Feeders 
  • Pumps, Valves and Level Controls 
  • Barrel Rotation 
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners 
  • Load Agitation

Operator Stations 
  • Graphic Screens: Displays process parameters/configurations and system overviews. 
  • Touch Screens: Nobody needs to be a typist 
  • Weigh Scales 
  • Bar Code Readers 
  • Annunciator Panels 
  • Mimic Panels and Light Trees 

Part Historical Data
  • Event Logs: Time and date stamped entries for all important events occurring on the line. Saves information on both device operation and operator commands. 
  • Load Reports: Permanent record of the process each load goes through as well as all pertinent identification information and related device parameters. 
  • Alarm Conditions: When process parameters exceed control limits, alarms may trigger direct action by the control system or they may simply require operator acknowledgement. Either way the event is recorded. 
  • ISO900x: Our historical data helps you meet ISO 900x requirements. 

Computer Interfacing
Interactive intelligence- Share information within all essential components of your manufacturing enterprise. 
  • Host Computer Interface 
  • Stand-alone Controllers 
  • Data Analyzers 
  • Data File Transfer: Direct access by your spreadsheet or database management software. 
  • SPC and SQC: Quality by statistical analysis of your process. 
  • Time and Attendance
  • Email Notifications 

New and Existing Lines 
  • Choice of Equipment: Software tailored to work with any manufacturers control hardware. 
  • Choice of Contractors: We work with your preferred providers of this equipment. 
WinPlate Screen Captures
Watch the 1:02 minute point to see our part in making the Apple Mac Pro!